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Jump to the Last post by Sashka on Fri Jun 19, Alpha version of the software for Mac: Jump to the Last post by Sashka on Wed Jun 03, Is this still actively worked on? Jump to the Last post by Sashka on Sun May 21, No love for OS X Sierra?


Jump to the Last post by Guest uberclear on Tue Oct 11, Minimum bid comes to negative value by jjussi on Sun Oct 14, Jump to the Last post by Sashka on Sun Oct 14, Cannot update "won" item by jjussi on Sat Oct 13, Jump to the Last post by Sashka on Sat Oct 13, First update this sniper app and explore the new features, and if you've "won a few" in the past and like the new features, click on this "Mac App Store" app again, then the "Purchases" tab at the top of the window, and then click on the sniper app's title to write a review.

Thoughtful reviews provide an incentive for the large expenditure of time it takes for me to continually improve the app so it is your best tool you reach for, and the best app it can possibly be, period. Set up is slightly long if you go the route of having your Mac be able to wake up to snipe, but once you figure it out the bonus is you only have to do it once.

The app is simple to use..

how to bid on ebay

How does it compare to other ways of doing ebay sniping? I personally find this method of eBay sniping ideal.


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All in all a fine experience and app and customer support. I have used numerous programs over the years, this has been the most reliable as well as well supported program many useful updates - done frequently.

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The program is very easy to use, intuitive and speedy. Nothing makes you feel worse or angrier when you lose out on an auction when you were willing to pay much more than the final bid price. This has been the very best bidding tool that I have used!! At first my computer went to sleep before the snipe , common sense tells me your computer CAN NOT go to sleep and the app must be open if you want it to work.

I went to my Mac preferences and turned off Energy Saver then put it on Never sleep.


Now the app has complete control to work. Sure enough my 1st test bid on a inexpensive silver ring worked. Love this app.

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  • ‎Auction Sniper for eBay on the Mac App Store;

I did not have to set the app preference to Enable mac to automatically power on because my computer is ALWAYS on anyways and all the security setting changes that I would have to make made me nervous so it works fine without all that done to it as long as your computer is always awake and on during the time of the snipes it works fine.

I was getting tired of paying for each snip with other services on the net and their fees are getting unreasonable these days, I am done with them and glad I found this app. This is perfect for me. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version 0.


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