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I have almost zero latency using it. I have also used this for Xbox , and while there is a hair of a choke, you have to change your resolution almost entirely because of the HDMI. I do have to say though, the Blackmagic has issues with party chat on Xbox One because of the privacy changes or something? I'm not entirely clear on that.

Narcogen Active Member Mar 2, Kearstin said: Kearstin Member Mar 2, Narcogen said: As far as I know, the problem is with the Xbox One itself. It will send game chat to speakers so the Intensity can pick it up if you have it set to do that, but Party Chat currently goes to the headset only, even if you have it set for chat to go to speakers. I've heard a future dash update will address this. Keep in mind that it can only capture 30fps. You can use the proprietary program from them, or if you use OBS, you would have to window capture it, and it tends to degrade the quality.. You can go that route..

OR just bootcamp your mac, so you can use OBS on windows since it can detect the Elgato as a capture device unlike the Mac version.. Do not buy el gato. The Thunderbolt Shuttle from Black Magic is by far the best choice.

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The Thunderbolt version of the card works better then the USB 3. I've tried up to 3 different cards with the same result, also installing different drivers. My current setup strips the HDCP signal anyway. So in Mac, it can be recognized as a capture device like a webcam, right? I'm considering getting one for work and wonder if it could double-duty for some OBS-based projects. The steps on the Mac would be dependant on the capture card you use and the streaming software on the Mac.

So its more a question about the capture card and streaming software on the Mac than it is about the Mac itself. Can I stream from my PC to a Mac using a video capture card? More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Perfect for ensuring you enjoy some classy gaming sessions with your friends. This pocket-sized card is a great way to get those streaming sessions up and running. When you just want your tech to work, the file type that it outputs is a big part of that.

When it comes to video, there are so many standards out there that things can quickly get confusing. What I really like is that this offering from Elgato only uses H. There are different broadcast standards depending on where you are in the world. Luckily for you and me, this card supports them all.

It just keeps things simple and allows you to make use of that plug and play functionality. Video transfer is all about making things easy which is why I like this option. The setup was super simple, and to be fair, I could say that for loads of the entries on my rundown. There was no real need to consult the manual because of how intuitive the setup process was and how well it guided me through everything. Can you blame me for making this one of the 15 best that I took a look at?

The issue with so many capture cards is that they can only stream in SD. I also really liked that it comes with an impressive 60 fps as this makes everything flow nice and easy on the big screen TVs we all game on nowadays. This is a seriously cool piece of design if you ask me, folks.

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The beauty of USB-C is that it allows you to transfer data and power your device through the same port. That is really useful because it means that you can minimize those unsightly wires and keep your gaming setup looking awesome. The beauty of this card is that it keeps things simple and works with both of the major players. That removes a lot of hassle for you down the line if you opt for a card that only works on one platform.

Stream Command is neat because it allows you to customize your stream. By overlaying graphics and other cool stuff, onto it, you can put your own stamp on things.

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That is awesome because it means you can use it as the central part of your new gaming channel. Following on from my first entry is the HD version by the same guys. I never noticed any drops down to p to preserve the feed; it just kept going and going. There are one or two cards out there on the market that will only work with specific consoles: I include this section really, as, a word of warning for you to check for this multi-console functionality. By recording little snippets of gameplay automatically, this card allows you to capture your highlights without having to try and reenact them.

Read on to see if it was quite as cool when I put it to the toughest tech test there is: The remote control is a very neat touch as it makes things nice and simple. I kept mine with my soda on the arm of my chair, and it was always up to the job when I needed it. I loved that because it means you can do something cool the moment you plug it in. PC-free is an interesting approach that I was keen to learn more about.

By having an onboard USB port as well as an SD card port , it allows you to save your content to an external device. Ideal if you want to keep things nice and simple so that you can sit back and focus on leveling up faster than your friends. These guys are fast getting a reputation as some of the best in the business and with good reason. If you opt for a card with a 2. With more than enough hardware to get the job done the right way, these guys have taken care of it all.

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No matter how discerning or demanding I was they just kept on delivering. Bravo and job well done! Everything is universal and clearly built with Twitch streaming as the end goal. That makes the Evolve a strong contender for your next purchase folks! There are still a few crazy people out there who love their syntax and are ardent Linux users. I say: Highly recommended for all you kernel-loving Linux users out there! If you love new tech trends, then this attractive looking little unit could be of interest.

I know it was for me! USB 3. I accept no imitations and love the end result that this approach yields! The case is classy to look at, but why am I making a big deal out of it? The same goes for the look and feel of your capture card. If it looks sleek and stylish then why not leave it on display so that it adds something cool to your gaming corner? Plug and play is the dream that we all aspire to when we unbox a new bit of tech.

The AV.

capture card for mac and pc Capture card for mac and pc
capture card for mac and pc Capture card for mac and pc
capture card for mac and pc Capture card for mac and pc
capture card for mac and pc Capture card for mac and pc
capture card for mac and pc Capture card for mac and pc

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