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Hi Alex. Your help is appreciated. To be on the safe side let me suggest this build here that has a good amount of cores, extremely high clocks and a high-end gpu:. Hey There! Love these guides and look over them almost everyday in anticipation of a new build. I have a question about PCIE lanes for the k. Does this config alone use up all of the PCIE lanes available? I would like to use an M. So yes you will be able to drive an m. Very useful article, thanks so much. Two questions: Mack has already asked almost the same question thanks, Mack , but mine is: Ted Hoping to start a build in March In an everyday use, gaming, rendering and the like you wont be read writing seuqentially all that much, but randomly and much smaller files.

Everything but the RAM and GPU are attached to those 24 chipset pcie lanes that are attached via 4 pcielane-speeds to the cpu. The pcie lanes to the cpu from the chipset are not reserved as soon as you have a component on the mainboard that could use them, it is like a tunnel on a highway that is always there and will only let traffic through if it has to. So you can attach up to 24 pcie lanes worth of stuff to the chipset, such as sata ssds, hdds, usb, lans, and they will use the connect to the cpu only if needed. Midi ATX, sure!

Go check out the Corsair Carbide Series R if you like cheap, or the be quiet! Silent Base orange which has noise dampening features. Yes that build will give you pretty excellent performance for the price! No worries about Maya or Premiere. Of course there are better builds, but they also cost much more. Hello Alex, thank you for writing this amazing article! I want to build my own desktop after reading your article!

Because there are too many things need to digest for a beginner, I feel that using the options you provide may be safer for me. But I still have several questions. The thing is that my laptop was super slow when opened the file and also slow when worked on the model larger than mb. Of course was also terrible for using Enscape in this situation.

Which one may be better for me? Hey Hsuan, If you want to maximize performance while working then go the max-core-clock route as in the intel build. Maybe instead of upgrading the gpu you could upgrade the cpu to a i9 k that will give even more viewport snapiness. I always found the cpu to be much more important in a fast working experience, at least in cinema 4d, after effects, and lots of other 3d softwares. My initial thought was to buy one powerful card and add a second and or or third later to cut render times if it becomes necessary for my workflow and I can afford to down the road.

Am I potentially wasting money or sacrificing any potential upshot to using multiple smaller power GPUs with this approach? Hey JeffG, That is sort of the Idea, yes. To get a Build that is quite low cost at first but where you can add more gpus if needed. Be sure to get blower style fans for stacking gpus and the psu should have above W for 4x Tis in the Future. These type of CPUs have only 16pcie-lanes and all the mainboards have a max of 3 pcie-sockets.

If you really want to extend up to 4x gpus you will have to go the threadripper or intel socket type cpus. Might want to check out the PC-Builder Tool here to see if you find anything interesting for your budget: Would you agree with this or have I been consuming too much advertising from water cooling manufacturers? It has advantages and disadvantages. It keeps the cards cooler meaning they can turbo boost longer which of course gives you more performance. Some watercooling solutions also only take up a single pcie-slot spacing which can mean you could put more gpus on your board if it supports them and has the needed slots.

It certainly is much quieter when under full load. Watercooling can be quite some work to set up and maintain. Happy New year! You make some really salient points. I will hold off on water cooling for now and dive into that later if the blower noise is chipping away at my sanity. Using your tools here is what I have earmarked for this build with some slight modifications: Again many thanks for sharing your expertise. What a valuable service you are providing for this community and particularly to folks like me leaving the Apple hardware world for the first time in decades.

You are allowing us to make this step with confidence. Hey Jeff, No issues with this build. Just be sure whatever Case you get should have 8 single slots of pcies of room if you are upgrading to 4 double slot gpus in the future. What case are you eyeballing with? Having all the active storage and archive and backups in one pc, one location on the same psu of course is not the best practice. You will definitely want a Backup of your most important projects and data not attached to your PC.

Especially if you make your living on the work you have saved on your PC. Have 3 copies of your data. Thanks for your reply! It has seven horizontally stacked pice slots and another three mounted vertically. I think the creative community would love to hear your thoughts on backup solutions. I look forward to reading whatever you write on the topic.

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Or, do that and add other external options. You point out another potential pitfall. This forum is SO valuable. Maybe a NAS is in my future as well, as the RAID is within 4 feet of my tower and likely subject to damage if the system suffered a catastrophic failure. On the topic of backing up, what software would you recommend for backing up watched folders or entire drives on the windows platform? Can the OS be trusted to handle this?

I have been using Free File Sync for a very long time and can absolutely recommend it. I do daily at the end of the day backups on an external enclosure with 2 hdds non-raid , weekly backups onto one of my render nodes that has hdds for this purpose and monthly backups on drives that I store in the basement. This way I could just swap out the drives and continue working until I can fix the issues when I have time. Hi Alex, great article! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can I use that CPU instead as it seems to be more powerful?

I need mostly for renderings. I also do 3D work but normally not too complex. Do I need to modify any of the other parts? Hey Tomber, You can swap the k with the k without any problem. The K though has 8cores 8 threads just so you know. I you do HyperThreading dependent work, then it might even be that the k is slower than the k which has 12 threads. Intel Xeon Processor E v4 Max to 3. Please reply thank you. Hey Youlong, What is your main use task for this PC?

Same with the Quadro GPU. Are you using specific software that makes good use of these?

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Please reply. Hey Junaidmarwan, Yes thats a nice laptop and seems to have good cooling as well. Also make sure you read the article on Laptops for Animation that might give you some more insight:. Hi Alex, this is an amazing resource for artist. Thank in advance. If yes i will buy it now based on your advice. Hey Yaman, Nothing can be guaranteed of course, but I would strongly suspect Dell to be able to build a computer that does not get damaged if it is used, even under full load for a longer time.

Hi Alex, great information. Please thanks. Hi Alex, great article and insight, thank you! Thanks, RMT. A possibility is to go with the newer generation AMD Threadripper X, which gives you slightly higher performance even, but comes at a higher price. This will then though be somewhat slower for cpu rendering. Alex, thank you for replying and so quickly. This info helps. The efforts put into sharing your thoughts with others here is also greatly appreciated. Hello Alex, Well written article. I am using cinema 4d as the 3d software and looking to start using octane too. Hey Imaobong, Sure, feel free to upgrade the GPU for a better one, the Power draw and other specs for the build will stay mostly the same.

Thanks for the reply, i appreciate. Also what do you think of be the quiet! Would it work with the build? Hi John, Wow that is too bad, that case is excellent. I wonder if they are releasing a newer version of it sometime. A good case too, with some slight noise dampening features and similar looks is the Fractal Design Define R6 Black, which even has room for drives when you move some parts around.

Thanks a lot Alex for the respond, appreciated.. Hi John, Yes this is the exact same as the q, just with a glas window on one side.

Best Laptop for Animation

Might not be as quiet as the q but the inside configurations are great. Hi thanks for the great information. I tend to work with heavily detailed geometry. I also need to turn around high res renders quickly. Currently I use maxwell but also can use vray instead.

I want to upgrade my studio up currently mac book pros has been struggling very much and larger renders are actually not possible. Which configuration would be best for me? Ideal scenario would be to buy something cost effective that will do the job now but then eventually Lee upgrading to a top end machine. We are also planning to use VR soon. Please advise. Good GPUs would be or Ti or multiple of these. New to this. Is there a reason for the jump?

Hey Sat, There unfortunately is almost no stock left for the Tis so I swapped them for the Tis. These are quite a bit more expensive, but then again that PC is supposed to be the build that gets you the most GPU Rendering Power possible. If you would like a K you will have to get an lga socket mainboard with it such as the ASUS Prime ZA , as the current cpu, the threadripper in that build uses a TR4 socket. Does this all make sense? Anything to look out for that you know of? Hey sat, Great parts you got there!

I suspect you know the X would need a different Mainboard Socket. As always thanks for the advice. Could you recommend a mainboard for the x, please? Hi Strahinja, This can be ignored for the most case. What about Quadro GPUs? Also is there a good compromise for both single core and rendering, How about a i9 — x or amd threadripper x, Any other suggestions?

Hey Spikey, i9 x gives a nice bump above the previous generation but still lags behind the k in single core performance. It does have 10 Cores though vs 8 on the K, but if its cores you are after, the Threadripper x will be the choice to make. There really is no CPU that is best at both, single core and multi core performance, but the K comes closest to this feat, followed by the x and the x would rank last place, but only because the single core score is a good step lower than any of the intel ones.

If you render lots and work less actively, then a Threadripper might be the way to go. Usually though you can rule out mining use, so it might then again be safer than getting gtx cards or amd gpus. As in the Asus Turbo Ti. Max supported memory clock is Mhz, but you can always run in a lower speed. Also do we need 4 of these? Hey Jeet das, The next higher Tier would be the Ti, but that comes at a steep premium. You only need 4 if you want nearly 4x the Speed.

The best 3D modelling software

You can have 1, 2 or 3, in a build with near linear performance gains. Depending on your budget. Do most x motherboards allow up to 2 GPUs?

Best Animation Software

Any Recommendations? Hi there, great read — learned a ton about the technical side in what it takes to run a powerstation. I have a serious need to upgrade my current workstation mini-atx to the level of your basic build for intel maybe with a little more oomph. My current build is this:: Snappiness, GPU Rendering, anything that is restricted to less or single cores…. The best CPU you can currently get is the i9 k. The problem though, and that is also why I am not heavily recommending it right now, is, that it is extremely expensive. So going the i7 K route is much better at the moment, or even the r7 X route if you have to watch your budget some more.

Be sure to get a good NVME Drive like the Samsung ones, and get a fair amount of ram like 32GBs, that should give you the oomph you are looking for! This one though I think is pretty difficult to get currently as the new generation is taking over. Its just I dont see a K option for the custome builder where I I was planning on gettign it. The x or x need a different mainboard and chipset that supports more pcie-lanes, it think its 44, and up to gb of ram. The clocks of a x are lower, but that series can have a lot more cores as in the xe.

It is usually said that the X-series cpus are workstation class cpus, though the problem is that the k cpus that are meant for overclocking and games really are great or even better at some tasks than the x- or xe workstation cpus. Hello Alex, After a 7years iatus regarding 3d I am trying to get back to cinema4d, focusing on modeling and rendering.

What Laptop offerings would you recommand for modeling and gpu rendering? That will give you some good insight into what is important in a laptop. This is of course never comparable to a desktop PC, as the GPUs in dektop PCs can be quite a bit stronger and you can have more than one, you have better cooling and so on.

If you get a gtx in a laptop for example, that will increase weight, bulkyness, power draw, noise and price very much, so it might be better to think about getting a nice and portable laptop that is not as expensive as one with a , and get an external gpu, or a cheaper desktop in addition to the laptop that you can outsource GPU Rendering tasks to. Thanks for your recommandation! Hi, i am just starting out in 3d modeling and rendering. Hey Mark, Thanks for your Comment! There are all kinds of things that are complicated to calculate or display. Large Textures with lots of layers, Subdivision Modifiers, any kind of non-destructive hierarchial modifier, clones, displacements and lots more.

It could be any of those or others that make your software crash. But one thing is sure, that you will fair much better with an upgraded Computer. So yes, you will definitely feel the difference, not only in rendering speed but also with active working snapiness. Hi Alex, sorry to bother you but I am about to get a new computer and would like to hear your opinion if possible. I need a good computer for faster vray rendering in 3d max ,working in zbrush and in adobe illustrator and photoshop.

Here is my configuration: Is it any good? Can you give me some advice? Hey Nin4, The W has a platinum certification meaning it is more efficient draws less power from the wall and the components are usually higher quality and might last longer. I need two additional drives for 3D Projects and so on. Alex, thanks for the fast reply. What do you think is the better and smarter solution?

Hey Nin4, Yes you can surely combine it. If you are looking foor speed though, then a new SSD would be the way to go. Hey Alex, thank you for this very useful information and this awesome article. I am definitely going for gb Samsung evo. Cheers, Nin4. Hey Yashwanth, What Renderer are you planning on using? For a GPU Renderer like Redshift or octane, the ti is fairly ok, not the greatest card, but will work if you are within budget constraints.

Hi ,I am an architect and need a new computer for faster vray 3d max rendering and a better work overall in 3d max viewport, cad and photoshop. I received a configuration from my colleague and would like your professional opinion or some upgrade ideas on it,I would be grateful. What should I consider updating? Thank you in advance. Hey Filip, Upgrade the following: Thank you Alex for your fast reply.

I have one more question. Which one is better? Thank you very much again! But the X will give you more speed in active work, so viewport speed and overall system snapiness will be higher with the ryzen x. I have a laptop dell…the specs are nvidea gtx ti 4gb ,core i7 hq, 16gb ram. Is this enough for 3d rendering for college level. I have an Article on Laptops for 3D Animation right here that might help you out some more: I think your specs are fairly good, though you might want to upgrade some time later on if you run into performance issues.

Right now your Specs should be fine for starting out in college. Thank you for your valuable time sir. Really appreciating what you are doing here. Regards Yashwanth. Hi Alex, this was such an informative and beautifully written article, the best one I read in my research for the new laptop. Two trees in the model and it crashes. I wish to start with a laptop, cause I like to move around the office when I work, and work on sofas and at home a lot..

Of all the laptops that exist in the world, which one would you get if you were me, but with all of your knowledge? Thank you so much, Alex! Both i9 and i7 are a big upgrade from your current CPU and your current CPU only has two cores, so having 6 will make a difference too. The GPU is probably the biggest factor here, as you are currently only using an integrated intel gpu. You will certainly get a great bump in performance with any of the ones you chose. If you want to make sure to have an even bigger bump, then Desktop is the only way to go. Have you looked at the likes of PCspecialists.

Avoid laptops if you can and go for desktops…. Hey Alex, nice blog! My question is, what do you think about Closed-loop liquid coolers for 3D rendering? Are they worth the price tag when you have air coolers like the Noctuas for half the price? Maybe you think otherwise:. What would your initial thoughts be?

And, would your 1, and 2, configurations suit my purpose? I have not reviewed much data on AMD Threadripper.. Would have to run some Benchmarks and see what hardware performs best. I found one of your other threads that perhaps addresses these applications a little closer … https: From what you are saying it looks like the new Intel core i9 K would be an excellent choice.

I am not sure if the Visualize Feature you are talking about, uses CUDA Cores at all for rendering or if it is pure old-school ray-tracing or rasterization, if at all. I would have to get familiar with solidworks a bit more to be able to recommend any hardware in that regard. Is there a forum or some kind of Solidworks user-base that might have more insight into how the hardware is being utilized? Than you Alex … this has been great. I do wonder relative to GPU-based rendering, assuming the same CPU for both configurations which setup would perform better —.

Is there any chance I can reuse parts motherboards etc of that machine when setting up a new GPU Work and Renderstation? Thank you very much for your answer — I am so happy that I found your article, since I cannot really afford a new PC but building it myself, it feels so good to save some bucks. You might be able to reuse the Quadro Card, though I am not sure what kind you have or what cooling solution it has. Unless you need the Quadro Features such as 10bit color and so on. Having a Rendernode A PC that basically just renders and a PC for working on is great of course, but not absolutely necessary.

It is for people who make good money with their 3D Work and having a second computer that you can render on and save some time can save lots of money. A Work machine with a high core-clock is slightly faster than a CPU with lots of cores, feels snappier and can save you time here and there while actively working on your computer. A Rendernode saves you time if you want to Render Images and saves you even more time if you can continue working on your work computer at the same time. I will be mainly producing graphics and visuals, with animation as well, and will be looking to use Octane for rendering too.

I am currently torn between an i7 or a RYZEN 7 , im not looking to overclock as i have no knowledge on it. I have read your article on the best computer for C4D, but i have also read many forum reviews when the Ryzen 7 comes highly recommended, especially so when an Intel set up I7 with Asus Prime za are suggested to be paired with high performance coolers, so they cost decently more. I hope you could give me some advice on this.

Hey Tris, Intel still has the single-core clock advantage. AMD currently has the Multi-Core advantage. Both are extremely good CPUs. Looking at current prices, and knowing that Intel has some serious manufacturing issues, going the AMD route should be a no-brainer. Intels prices are expected to come down in Q2 , and everyone is waiting for the next gen benchmarks of the 9th Intel gen, so its kind of difficult to say what is best right now.

So long story short: If not, AMD is the right choice. Thanks for the reply Alex. I think it makes a pretty compelling statement towards Ryzen now. Will be moving forward with that! Thank you for your elaboration on the difference between AMD and Intel. Are you saying that the first build with AMD is better than the second with Intel? Or are there other differnces between the two? Thank you again.

Very interesting and inspiring article! Thanks again! Could I double the ram on your proposal or would other parts too need to be changed then? Be sure to get a KIT of 4x16GB and not two individual kits, as the RAM that are packaged together are also tested together in the factory, so they work well. Thank you for the very in depth article on 3D modeling and rendering.

I was searching all around for something that would give me more of a direction on what parts to get for my next PC and this gave me a lot of good information. I would love to get your opinion on my PCPartPicker list and see if anything can be improve. A little bit of information about myself and what kind of usage that i want out of my new PC. I am graduated college student that is currently doing a lot of self taught 3D programs such as Zbrush, Maya, and also will be trying out Blender in the near future.

For the most part, I would be doing more modeling and sculpting than rendering. I chose the Ryzen x as i think it would be happy medium for both modeling and rendering. Do you also have any recommendation for a good monitor as well? I am looking toward to getting a 2nd monitor and would love to see if you have advice to offer. My spec for it would be p, hz, IPS and do you have any specific spec that you look for in a monitor that fit more of a creative usage?

The Ryzen X has great single core and multi-core performance, so its a good fit for your use cases.

The Great Flame Wars: Mac vs. PC for 3D Artists

About Monitors, not much more other than what I mentioned in the article about IPS monitors and that I have used Asus monitors for quite some time now. Thanks for the reply. I did a little more digging and it seems like this monitor fit most of my requirement, I guess the only issue is that it is using FreeSync instead of G-Sync since i am going with a GTX card vs a Radeon. Unfortunately the GTX card just provide better performance price wise and also way better for GPU rendering if i do get into that.

Here to hoping AMD come out with a new graphic card soon that can match the performance and also friendly toward 3D content work. First and foremost, awesome article! Its really helpful to people like me who have little or no knowledge regarding tech matters. I am an architecture student and I need your help in deciding between laptops for school. I have been using a desktop so far and the main applications I use are Autocad, Rhino, Sketchup, Vray Lumion, and the Adobe creative suite.

I hope to do medium to large scale models smoothly and occasional rendering. However I am looking for a laptop that can run these apps and has a touch function so i can draw a lot to ask for i know. I have narrowed down my options to these 2 choices mainly due to their light form factors which i value and touch capabilities.

Hoping to get a laptop that can at least last me through school and your opinion is grealy valued. Hey Luke, Thanks for your Comment. I wrote an In-depth article on Laptops for Animation that should be right up your alley. I did not focus too much on Touch capabilities in that article, but I am sure there is lots of other interesting stuff in there for you. You are right, high core-clock cpus tend to be somewhat better in many of the 3D related softwares. Which is annoying sometimes, because of course we also want to be able to render fast, and that needs the opposite kind of cpu, a high core-count cpu with core-clocks not being as important.

Same with the Quadro Cards that might have an edge over gtx cards in Autocad, but apart from that software, the gtx cards perform great and are usually cheaper and can be GPU rendered on in GPU render engines usually faster. Maybe you can test these out in a shop? Always good to have a hands on experience. Wow thank you for prompt reply! Yea i read that article you wrote literally minutes after posting this comment which really helps a bunch in my decision making. Is there any case where the XeonEM actually outperforms the iH or the i in terms of the softwares I run?

Because it seems to me that the clocks speeds are around the same or higher correct me if im wrong and perhaps the extra cores could actually come in handy in the future. Same with the Quadro p and the GTX What I have in mind today: The Threadripper x, although great for rendering, could slow you down in active work, as the clock-speed is rather low. If you want one, your build is definitely great, though as said it might slow you down in actively working on it.

Be sure to get a complete RAM say 1x 32gb in 4x 8gb modules kit for maximum compatability and not two identical RAM kits 2x 16gb in 4x 8gb modules. Hello Alex, Thank you for your replay. Yes, this will be my main workstation. The underlying chips of both Tis are exactly the same.

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The only difference being the coolers, the brand and some slight clock variations. Also MSI is somewhat more popular than colorful and might have an edge in terms of relyability over Colorful. But others might disagree with this. Postprocessing in Photoshope and lightly afftereffects. I mostly render images and videos with Lumion, Blender, Vray and Octane. My current system is I,3. I am not sure if Ti and 64GB would be too much for a price and does this configuration stands to go SLI in future.

After reading it and doing some research online I think IK is a good choice if i want to OC the system in future to gain some performance. I have my powerbook for everything from school to personal stuff, and a PC for my 3d work. Never hurts to have 2 computers anyway. As for macs are not better for photoshop argument isnt valid? Ever heard of Core Image? Either way macs UI in the program is 10 times more appealing. When i open photoshop on a PC i almost gag. To simply answer your question: If you want a laptop i highly suggest looking at powerbooks.

Best notebooks out there. If you want to do 3D stuff? Or even with Macs switching to Intel chips we may see 3dmax on macs. But basically anything other than 3d i suggest looking into a mac. The mouse thing is a bit odd we have five fingers, two of which are extremely useful for simple tasks Yeah, because the average processor and memory on any modern computer is just too slow to handle the average photoshop user's file I stand by my statement that Photoshop for the majority of users works just fine on both platforms.

As far as the aethetics, kind of a silly reason to drop an extra grand on a computer. Or Alias being bought by Autodesk, you may see Maya moving away from the Mac. After using a top of the line G5, I was amazed at how poorly Maya ran on it. It was slow, it was clunky, and prone to crashing. The bottom line is buy a computer that you know how to fix. It doesn't matter what OS, brand, or hardware you get, it will always break down when you need it the most.

Buy the one you or your friends or your family know how to fix and the rest is gravy Yay 3rd party mice. Photoshop for the majority of users works just fine on both platforms. Yah itl work fine. But you wont have core image on a pc. Plus the looks are just one of the 10, overall pluses ;. Ive only used the Free maya version very briefly Everything will work good, regardless of PC or Mac. Again, I'll emphasize, no it won't. In a production environment where speed was essential, the Mac slowed our work down to a crawl and yes, I'm proficient in using a Mac , even if you didn't factor in the number of restarts in Maya from crashing.

Switching to a more inexpensive PC increased my output dramatically. Hardware rendering, lighting previews, playblasts, and partical simulations we were working previs all worked nearly real time on a battle scene, while the Mac could barely play it back at half speed in simple shaded mode. And yeah, the virus thing on the PC sucks. But I imagine that if you were running a Mac connected to the internet without a firewall and virus software, you'd probably be asking for trouble eventually. I hate having ANY resources dedicated to virus protection, but I also hate the fading on and off of menus with fancy animations PC has copied Mac unfortunately in this.

For those reasons and more, I would switch to Linux in a heartbeat if the multimedia software was there. And yeah, typically the PC also doesn't come with any useful software like the ones mentioned already, although you can download many similar products for free if you don't mind missing out on the fancy chrome parts. I've done it before and it's a colossal pain in the butt. The screens even the best of them are too small. The graphics cards generally aren't fast enough to really take advantage of it.

And you don't have a numeric keypad typically, and 3d takes a lot of numbers. I use both, and I'd have to say it really depends. Photoshop IMO works marginally better on the Mac. But Flash works better on the PC, hands down. I can play back my timeline better on my 1. In fact, he has both and uses his PC for Flash. And 3D, as mentioned before, is better on a PC. Company website My Animation Blogspot Site. The two reasons to buy a Mac over a PC is: Get a PC with an Apple monitor. Those things kick so much butt!

Of course the monitor will cost a gand more than your computer. It all comes down to preference. If you have the opportunity, go to the stores and play around. I personally like macs better. I used to own a pc, but it gave me alot of trouble. I have a G5 with added memory that has given me no problems. I also have a G4 ibook that can run several programs at once Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop I recommend spending some time in the stores and testing them out, and see what feels more natural.

Yours is the only opinion that counts. As for all this maya slow on macs. Maya was never really optimized for running on a G5. I wouldn't really suggest running it on a mac. Especially if you are just running the mac using the stock video cards since they are usually not very high end and only have 64 megs of Vram.

Don't think that this is an advantage over windows, becuase windows is going to be doing the same thing in Vista once it's released. Typicly, Macs are also more expensive because of the quality of the parts that go into them. They are much more realiable then a standard PC. I have had bad experiences my self with using Maya on a PC due to this fact. For example, the school where I took animation used PC's that were built specificly for the school.

They were pretty high end with some good hardware in them Any studio over 10 years old got horribly burned by SGI and their price-gouging ways, and are determined not to get caught in that trap again. As a timeline its pretty easy to follow; SGI was the standard, SGI started falling behind performance wise and jacking up prices, studios looked for cheaper alternative that was somewhat similar to Irix.

Only viable option was Linux. Running on PCs. Linux being open source gives them that edge. Maybe next version. Mid to small studios, and especially single-man shops are a different story. I keep waiting to hear when pixar move to OSX. Pixar use linux and their own proprietary animation software. They also use Maya for some things. They also use macs with cintiq tablets for sketching.

Off-topic Chat. Lostinspace Lostinspace Rocketman Rocketman LetterRip LetterRip The hardware is the same for all 3, just buy a mac and you can triple boot LetterRip. Big proper 3D and post houses probably use PC hardware with some flavour of Linux. Smaller outfits will tend to use Windows PCs. You might find a Mac doing 3D stuff in a company that does illustration work. GaretEliot GaretEliot But macs now run on intels…. Remember pixar is huge.

3d animation mac or pc 3d animation mac or pc
3d animation mac or pc 3d animation mac or pc
3d animation mac or pc 3d animation mac or pc
3d animation mac or pc 3d animation mac or pc
3d animation mac or pc 3d animation mac or pc

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