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But not everyone wants a full-size keyboard, and very few laptops come equipped with numpads. Unlock the " Windows Keyboard Shortcuts " cheat sheet today! Some are built right in, while others will take a bit more work. But one of these solutions will definitely fit your needs. Using specially-adapted software, of course!

Read More in Windows 10 has a numeric keypad that you can use. Windows PowerShell: What's the Difference? Command Prompt vs. Windows users can get by without using either the Command Prompt or PowerShell. But with Windows 10 and new features around the corner, maybe it's about time we learned. When the on-screen keyboard first appears, there will be no number pad. Now, whenever you need to type a number from the numpad, just click it on the on-screen keyboard. This also works with modifier keys: For a more dedicated and less screen-real-estate-intensive option, you can download a number pad emulator.

Like the on-screen keyboard, just click on any of the numbers to type the numpad-equivalent numeral into any app. Many laptops address the lack of a number pad by including a hidden numeric keypad activated by the NumLock key. They also often share the 7, 8, and 9 keys in the number row. You might have to press the Fn or Shift key to get it to work. Now, those keys will function as the numeric keypad for your laptop. Unfortunately, this experience has given me pause every time I have considered purchasing a new Apple computer.

I had downloaded a day trial version of Keystrokes, and while that is a very good program that offers a lot of very useful features, it is not exactly cheap!! And that is for their stripped down version!! With the state of the economy at the moment and the fact that I am disabled which is why I was looking for an on-screen keyboard I REALLY cannot afford that kind of price for such a simple piece of software.

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I think that since the On-Screen keyboard is part of the input menu, it is available at Login if you check the box that enables the input menu at login. Is there a way to hold down the shift key when using my mouse for typing?

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My son also relies upon an onscreen keyboard due to his physical disabilities. I specifically upgraded to Leopard for the onscreen keyboard that is native to Leopard, only to find out after the upgrade that the shift key does not work. Then to compound my frustration, my son was no longer able to use his math software on the Mac because Leopard does not support classic and the updates for the math software only support up to Mac OS 9. Had I known that the onscreen keyboard did not work properly, I would not have upgraded to Leopard at this time.

I emailed the accessibility folks at Apple regarding the problem.

How to Enable & Use the Virtual Keyboard in Mac OS X

Unfortunately, the release came out a few days ago and still the problem is not fixed. In addition, the onscreen keyboard does not appear to have most of the commonly used punctuation and symbols e. As I explained to Apple, those keyboards are great, but they are very expensive and people with disabilities are often on very fixed budgets. Further, I explained that being able to use an onscreen keyboard that is native to the operating system has its advantages as sometimes the specialized software keyboards are not compatible with some programs.

The problem with the onscreen keyboard does not make sense.

Apple has an onscreen keyboard with word prediction on its iPhone, but those features are not available to computer users. The onscreen keyboard will shift if someone physically holds down the shift key on the conventional keyboard, but that should not be necessary and the point is not to have to use a conventional keyboard. Further, I noticed that the number keys do not shift even if I physically hold down the shift key on the conventional keyboard. It is hard to put out a product that pleases everyone and certainly Macs have many great features.


But, Apple seems to be disregarding some of the very basic needs of the disabled population. Windows has a basic onscreen keyboard that has been native to its operating system for several years at least back to XP. I am a Visually Impaired Assistive Technology enthusiast. I have had many dealings with Apple Accessibility. Their respnses have always been that they will do what they can to fix the issue, but sometimes it takes a while for accessibility problems to be addressed.

I belive with a program named Qemu, you can run OS 9. The arrow keys are a separate area of the keyboard.

Mac 101: Activate the Onscreen Keyboard in OS X

The Mac has a pair of modifier keys named "command". I don't know what the Windows keyb's equivalent is though it has one. They are located next to each end of the spacebar.

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The num keypad has an "enter" key and it functions the same as the carriage return key. I didn't make a typo. That was "cut and paste" from the Dorico Mac keyb shortcuts on my Mac's screen, The "enter' key wasn't used in any of those shortcuts. Those arrows would represent cursor keys. Where would I find? Dorico Elements 2. It should actually be written "any note key"" a, b, c, d, e, f, g [edit] I just realized this was a joke OS X Screen Shot 3. The Mac numeric keyboard does not have cursor keys on it or a mode that switches the numeric keypad to double as cursor keys.

Every function with a Num shortcut also has another one. It's not clear why: I suspect it may relate to something on Windows keyboards. Dorico uses the cross-platform Qt application framework, which provides all manner of platform abstractions that allow us to write code once and use it on both Windows and macOS, which for a small team like ours is incredibly helpful in making sure that we can focus on adding useful functionality to the software, rather than working on platform support. One of those abstractions is in keyboard handling, which means that Qt has a platform-independent means of describing keyboard shortcuts.

On Mac, there's no Num Lock key: I'm sorry this is causing such confusion. A NUMbingly good explanation. I am still not quite clear though on the num-cursor-key combinations. Do the arrows in the following refer to the Mac's actual cursor keys without need for a NUM key? Or to the Mac's equivalent of the physical positions on the Windows numeric keypad the location at which those cursor keys are found on the Windows keypad?

BTW Dorico is in itself beautiful and elegant. Having had to go back to the last incarnation of Sibelius due to need of features not yet implemented in Dorico, it seemed comparatively primitive and clunky and cartoonish in feel.

How to activate your on-screen Mac Keyboard in Yosemite (Virtual Keyboard)

Dorico is an aesthetic experience. Thanks for taking time to answer this trivial but pesky question.

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