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CurseForge Register Sign In. Download Latest File. Skada Damage Meter. X Table of Contents. Usage When you first start using Skada, there will be a window created by default. You can also use window buttons for selecting fight segment and mode directly. Scrolling in Skada is done with the mousewheel. Plugins Skada is very easy to extend, and there are many extra plugin addons out there that add functionality, such as: Skada Graphs: Useful add-on for Disc Priests. Skada Chat Frame Integrator: Integrates Skada in any chat frame. Provides additional options for scrolling the bar displays Skada Avoidance and Mitigation: Helps tanks benchmark their damage reduction performance via avoidance and mitigation Skada for Tanks: Adds information useful for evaluating a tank's performance Guild Skada High Score: Let's you compare a guild's performance.

Display friendly fire damage done by players Skada Player Score: Generate combined performance scores for players. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

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Also wtb spec icons like details, cba swapping to details, been using skada since icc. Hi, would it be possible to add Spec icons? I see the class and role options but not spec.

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Last edited by OneKickMan2k1: Aug 17, In reply to julsonv: I am also experiencing this problem, but I'm guessing every BM hunter is. Those damage meter junkie are the very. Details is definitely the best damage meter, and it's so much lighter on the computer than Recount and its bloated as hell coding, but damage meters are trash that only no-lifers rely on.

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  • As long as the encounter ends favorably, the numbers don't matter. Pull your weight, no problems arise. Simple as that! Details its the best, idk if is something wrong with my configs, but even with skada or recount updated, those two don't merge my pets damage with mine BM hunter and details does. I always have a damage meter. I don't buy the best enchants and gems. I just get something 'good enough' for my low-gold budget. I do, however, like to improve my gameplay.

    So I run damage meters and compare to others of similar ilvl. I'll google talent builds, I'll try them out myself out in dungeons. Sometimes I can get a large dps boost with talents I don't like, so I'll play with something subpar.

    Support AddOn Development!

    Sometimes I just like something for pvp, and I'm too lazy to change talents for dungeons. To me, this reads 'fairly casual'. But when I find my pally running 1mil deeps in a raid setting, and suddenly I'm k, then I know I messed something up. My gear may be busted, I might have talented wrong, but something's off.

    How to Use Details! Damage Meter - New Guide - Wowhead News

    If everyone around me is killing it and I suck, I reevaluate what's going on. To me, this is like my car's speedometer. Some people will want to push it to see how fast they go, brag about it to their friends. My wife may even look over and ask why I'm driving so slow. I don't care. I just use it as a tool. I wanna know how fast I'm going and I wanna know how much dps I'm dealing. In my opinion, any spec can be decent without a buttload of effort.

    I'll hit LFR with ilvl and outperform 10 of our dps. Recount is, essentially, a complex raid analysis tool that measures damage and healing done as well as taken, friendly fire, deaths, DOT and HOT uptime, dispels, activity and threat level.

    All this information is displayed in the form of charts or graphs, and it can be shared with your raid or party members. Nowadays, WoW players normally have to choose between Recount and Skada , and they offer various reasons for preferring either one. The two add-ons each use different formulas for calculating DPS, and their accuracy in certain situations is still a matter of debate. Recount can be very helpful for both the raid and individual players, as it enables you to see how you stack up against your fellow raid members, as well as analyze your personal damage output.

    Moreover, the add-on measures damage taken, healing, DOT and HOT uptime, as well as the number of dispels and interrupts.

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