Is windows on mac good for gaming

These then come in a range of flavors when it comes to both the display and the internal components. On the other hand, there are only two versions of the Mac computers, the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. Now that we have mentioned all types of Macs currently available, let us take a quick look at their hardware specifications. As you can see, for the most part, the majority of Macs look like they should be able to handle gaming. The problem arises when you consider that the more affordable Macs actually rely entirely on integrated Intel graphics, while it is only the higher-end models that come with dedicated graphics cards.

As a matter of fact, you can find much more powerful gaming PCs at those prices, be they pre-built or custom-built. This is solely because Macs strive to accomplish a specific goal: This leaves little room for massive gaming graphics cards and, after all, high-end Macs are intended to be used as workstations, not for gaming. Another reason why buying a Mac for gaming is counter-intuitive is because not many games are available for macOS.

This may not seem that bad, but keep in mind that there is over Steam games available for Windows and that developers are much more inclined to develop for Windows than they are for macOS. So, in the end, we can say that no, Macs are not good for gaming. Macs are very good at what they are made to do, but gaming is not one of those things. Ultimately, we do not recommend a Mac to anyone as a first choice for gaming, both because the hardware is not fit to handle it and because there are many fewer titles released for macOS.

If you are a gamer first, then a custom-built Windows PC is the optimal choice. Whatever your choice of operating system, you can rest assured that a custom PC will offer far better performance than a Mac could, and it will do so at roughly half the price. Can You Game on a Mac? Short Answer No, Macs are not good for gaming because they focus on high processing power and compactness. Forget it. Mac has made a point of stating that its target audience does not include gamers, which is a perfectly clear and respectable decision.

What you must consider, however, is that Mac will never be a viable gaming platform because Apple doesn't do anything in the interest of game developers. Apple has no such device for Mac OS, and even if it did develop one, Mac users are such a small percentage of the overall market that developers and publishers wouldn't have any real incentive to develop for Mac anyway. It's just not gonna happen. Sure, it looks nice, but it has nowhere near the functionality and flexibility of Windows. Why can I only resize windows from the lower right-hand corner?

Why can't I have the full path to a directory displayed in the Finder toolbar? Where the hell is the application background in Photoshop? For the average computer user, having a system that is simple and reliable is paramount to functionality, but it's questions like these that have kept Mac out of the hands of us power-users over the years. I also don't understand this whole business about Macs being superior for media and graphic design.

First of all, just how efficiently can you manipulate an interface with one single stinking mouse button? What was that command again? Was it Command, Option, or Control-click? But more importantly, multi-tasking on a Mac is absolutely terrible. So all this keen Apple software you're supposed to be using to simplify your life? It drags your system into the dirt. And personally, I can't stand the Mac fanbase: And yet, as attached as they are to their Macs, when it comes right down to it, they don't have a clue how or why the thing works.

Apple has done a fantastic job of appealing to its customer base by making a lot of bold and ambiguous claims, and then convincing its army of fanboy zombies that anyone who disagrees just isn't "hip". Those Mac vs. PC commercials are downright retarded. In fact, the only reason Apple is still in business is because of the iPod. Keep those fingers crossed, Mr.

Just my two ugly cents.

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And I would advise against a Mac. They are way overpriced for the hardware you get. Microsoft really impressed me with it. If it says it runs on vista or win7 then your mac cannot play it without some additional software.

Short Answer

If you want to bootcamp you can run a windows side for gaming purposes. As it stands now, you do not need anti-virus software at all for a mac. If you do end up buying a mac do not go for anti-virus as that is there just to mkae money off of you. If your going to game on the laptops, then your going to need to get a macbook pro either 15 or 17 inch would have the best specs. Its going to cost you a lot, especially if you increase the hardware specs. In the end it would be cheaper and better to just get a pc laptop assuming you need a laptop over desktop There are some pretty decent gaming laptop out there for half the price of a mac.

Although then you would need an anti-virus lol.

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  • If this is for college and your going to need something that will last long term then get the mac. MACs are not good for gaming at all and support very little games, also MACs are overpriced compared to a similiar gaming laptop. Too many people buy MACs now days because they think its cool, and dont use them for their intended purpose; the same people then complain later their Mac cannot run games. Really if you are going to use your laptop for gaming, office work or typical computer use then just get a PC laptop, if you are going to use it for media and other mac stuff then go with a Mac, even then you can dual boot a Mac OS on a PC laptop.

    No definitely not good for gaming. I mean yeah i guess they "can" play some games, but they don't have anywhere near the potential of a pc. I lol at all of the bootcamp statements. If you have to use a different OS to play games than Mac has failed at meeting your gaming needs. Mac is too expensive for gaming. The gaming on that platform is nowhere near the level of PC gaming.

    First thing to realize from Mac people is that they spent 4X the amount you did for an equivalent PC that runs a weaker OS than Windows 7. No one wants to feel stupid, so of course they are going to defend their purchase. I have been doing Graphic Design for nearly a decade, and let me tell you, the PC is way better. Also take into account that a Mac cannot multi-task very well. Also, the OS has severe limitations that get tiring and annoying. If all you want t do is listen to music, look at pictures and surf the net, you are golden unless you want to multi-task them well. For a comparison, I had an acer notebook with an old 1.

    Gaming on macOS or bootcamp Windows?

    It screams compared to a mac mini with 1. My notebook was also running windows vista at the time, where as the mac is running snow leopard. Thats OSX's fault, not Adobe. So please Mac people, I know you want to justify your purchase, but don't screw some guy over just because you made a mistake. We all deserve a good product. If you want to use an OS that is weak in terms of multi-tasking and functionality, but has the look of an OS you like, thats fine. But I like having maximized windows on my Windows operating system.

    I don't like the messy desktop of a mac. I also only want 1 task bar, not a cluttered desktop with 2 of them like on the mac. Want to see how crazy mac people are? Head on over to the forums at macrumors. Or that he is a scary guy who will ruin your life. Hes such a genius blah blah blah. I still use a mac, I also have an iphone which I kind of like I am on my third one due to cracks, and now the latest one the speaker died, been treated like gold. I also use an HP desktop and an Alienware M17 notebook.

    Im telling you through experience, please, dont let the marketing machine that is Apple blind you into making a poor purchase. Want a good notebook? Get a Dell Studio, or one from Asus' lineup. Research and learn, please.

    How to turn the Mac mini into a capable Windows gaming machine [Video] - 9to5Mac

    And to add my 2 cents, Mac's have been good for gaming from my view. If you can afford a copy of Windows, you can run Boot Camp on a Mac which will allow you to play the Windows libary of games too. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Silly question. Of course not. Using boot camp you can boot into vista or XP and Boot Camp provides the drivers for all of it don't use vista but it works on XP As far as the OS goes, no OSX is not a very good OS to game on but its getting better, I'm always glad that devs like epic and blizzard support the Mac platform, although I would appreciate it if the guys doing porting like Aspyr and Macsoft did better jobs.

    Hey Hey a Mac user.. Im getting a Macbook Black. So im sticking with theBlack MB. Whermacht02 Follow Forum Posts: A Mac can be a great system to game on. Just not with Mac OS-X. You will want to either install XP or Vista. The real problem is you are going for a notebook. Very few notebooks are built with game power in mind and Mac's are no differnt. The few decent game notebooks dont even stay decent for more than about 18months. It's really all about the money your willing to spend. Just dont let anybody tell you that a Mac isnt worth playing games on, or you have to emulate any current version of Windows.

    It hasnt been that way for a while now and those are people who dont have a clue as to what they are talking about. Skullheart Follow Forum Posts: Macs, generally are much better than PCs could ever hope to be. The only problem is, they don't have a big game selection, at all.

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    • Everything pretty much comes out on the PC, if for the computer at all. So I'll be keeping my Microputer. Macs are relatively secure because not many hackers worry about Mac because there are more users to affect on the PC side. A lot of the applications you'll probably be using are universal.

      Mossad Follow Forum Posts: NamelessPlayer Follow Forum Posts: Macs were okay gaming machines, having some ports of PC games that were superior on the Mac, but that was back in the late s-to-early s, when an Amiga would have been your best bet for a gaming computer, and the IBM PC and clones started not to suck for gaming purposes when support for VGA and the Adlib and Sound Blaster cards started becoming widespread.

      What are you smoking, Apple? They've got plenty of CPU power, but games aren't software-rendered anymore! Not that I've ever used a modern Mac my last experience with one dates back to elementary school, back when they were still x0-based and running on System 7. NiteX Follow Forum Posts: Until Mac's become more popular than pc's and thus more user friendly as more people are used to using it, makers aren't going to publish their games for Macs. Their good pc's dont get me wrong, but not good for gaming.

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